How to Start a Podcast- LIVE!

Women in Podcasting

June 11, 2021

Jess and Elsie, the founders of She Podcasts, join us here as they discuss Women in Podcasting, balancing business and family, and making sure women get an equal slice of a rapidly growing pie!

She Podcasts has been a pioneer in podcasting and created a community known for empowering and supporting women and non-binary podcasters across the world.

This episode is a replay of a live session as part of the How to Start a Podcast - LIVE! event.  

Head over the website to see the full schedule of panels and sessions including this one featuring top podcasters and podcasting experts from around the world as we dive into production, promotion, editing, audience growth, live streaming and more!

You can replay any of the panels here on the How to Start a Podcast - Live, podcast channel.

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